Bake for care: Prioritizing our well-being is crucial

Bake for care: Prioritizing our well-being is crucial

Eating goes beyond simply satisfying hunger; it’s a pivotal aspect of enhancing our overall health.

Bread, a staple in daily nutrition, assumes a vital role in promoting wellness. Leveraging our rich history in bread products making and combining it with the cutting-edge expertise of our nutrition and health business units, Lesaffre stands uniquely positioned to anticipate the evolving challenges of 21st-century baking. Through collaborative efforts with bakers and utilizing our advanced R&D facilities, we offer the latest innovations in bread-making.

  • Nutrition: At Lesaffre, we ensure that bread serves as a natural source of nutrition, contributing to healthy lifestyles. This involves meticulous reduction of specific ingredients like salt, fat, and sugar, coupled with the addition of essential vitamins and minerals. This results in a variety of delicious baked goods that not only have good nutrition.
  • Wellness: present everywhere and consumed worldwide daily, bread emerges as an ideal vehicle for delivering benefits to specific demographic groups, including children, seniors, and pregnant women.
  • Diet: Bread further proves to be an optimal choice for supporting diverse dietary preferences prevalent among today’s consumers. Our product portfolio fits with lifestyle choices and personal commitments such as veganism, while also addressing health-related needs, including gluten-free alternatives.”

Discover one of our products designed to make your nutrition & wellness better:

Saf-instant Plus Vitamin D: Vitamin D is an essential ingredient to overall good health and well-being. It is particularly important to maintain a normal immune system and bone health. Indeed, its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotective properties have been tied to a healthy immune system, good muscle function and brain cell activity.

Saf-instant® Plus Vitamin D can respond to consumers’ need in fortified foods: bread enriched with vitamin D can address the challenge of increasing the daily amount of vitamin D in a well-balanced diet. Bread is a source of energy and nutrients whose benefits can be lifted to another level by the simple act of adding vitamin D to yeast.

A bread made with Saf-instant® Plus Vitamin D contributes at least 15% of the Recommended Daily Allowances.