Food for a More Sustainable World: Lesaffre’s Commitment

Food for a More Sustainable World: Lesaffre’s Commitment

Bread-making, a global activity, impacts our environment and communities. Lesaffre is dedicated to sustainability, providing natural-origin ingredients while protecting employees, local communities, and the environment. We actively support sustainable agriculture, reduce our carbon footprint, and promote local production.


Today’s consumers are concerned about food ingredients. Lesaffre, committed to transparency, minimizes additives and preservatives. We embrace the power of fermentation, supporting diverse cultural food choices. Our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts extend to employee support and community assistance, from business ethics to charity work.


Our Solutions:

  • Clean Label: Consumers prefer fewer, more natural ingredients. Lesaffre helps reduce ingredient lists with our bread-making yeasts and a range of dough improvers and shelf-life extenders.
  • Organic Solutions: Responding to the global demand for organic foods, we offer a range of organic yeasts, sourdoughs, and dough improvers. We ensure full traceability for organic certifications.
  • GMO-Free Solutions: To meet diverse baker needs, we provide GMO-free yeasts, sourdoughs, baking mixes, and improvers.
  • Environmental Impact: Lesaffre strives for sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of our plants, using water management systems, and minimizing packaging waste. Our 66 production plants worldwide reduce our logistics footprint. Our shelf-life solutions help reduce bakery waste.


Products and Services:

  • Yeasts: Vital for bread-making, our extensive portfolio includes various forms of yeast to meet different customer needs.
  • Sourdoughs: Catering to consumers seeking natural products, we offer a range of sourdough solutions for rich flavors.
  • Improvers and Milling Correctors: These enhance dough behavior, improving tolerance, volume, machinability, and preventing defects.
  • Premixes & Blends: Supporting baking creativity, our premixes and blends enable bakers to offer diverse and unique recipes.


Lesaffre Baking Center™ Network:

Since 1974, our Baking Center™ network has been a pioneer in meeting customer needs. With 48 centers globally, it provides market knowledge, innovation, technical assistance, and training. Over 300 technical bakers collaborate with customers to develop future baking products and processes.