Saf-instant® yeast celebrates 50 years of passion!

Saf-instant® yeast celebrates 50 years of passion!

Since its creation 50 years ago, Saf-instant® has stood out for its reliability and consistent performance. In addition to its quality, Saf-instant® is known for its innovation.

Indeed, it was the first baker’s yeast to be sold in dehydrated and then instant form, which greatly facilitated its use.

Today, Saf-instant® offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of bakers around the world; it is known for its ability to withstand extreme working conditions, making it an ideal choice for professional bakers.

Over the years, Saf-instant® has also developed a solid reputation with home bakers thanks to its reliability and ability to produce high-quality recipes.

Saf-instant® accompanies you for all holidays and anniversaries… The brand is inseparable from joyful events! Saf-instant® has become an iconic brand.


Beyond the quality and performance of its products, Saf-instant® is recognized through its red and white packaging and especially its baker, the emblematic logo of the brand! This icon has been accompanying enthusiasts for 50 years now creating happy stories, filled with emotions experienced by friends and family.

The strength of the Saf-instant® brand also lies in its international presence. It is distributed in over 100 countries and is used by many professionals around the world.

This reputation has earned him a place of choice in the world of bakeries to become a true icon.

2023 will be an exceptional year for the brand, with many events, contests, content, and innovations for bakers and individuals.

By celebrating its 50th anniversary, Saf-instant® demonstrates its commitment to bakers and consumers around the world and is committed to continuing its tradition of quality and innovation for the next 50 years!


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