Saf-instant® RED 125gr


Saf-instant® RED 125gr:


Saf-instant® Red 125 g is an instant dry yeast that has been specially developed for lean or low sugar dough (0-10% of sugar on weight of flour). Saf-instant® yeast is vacuum packed for better quality and effectiveness.


  • Authenticity:  Provides top quality, even in the most difficult bread-making conditions: Saf-instant yeast has become the preferred brand among professional bakers.
  • Uniqueness: Regardless of the bread type or manufacturing process, Saf-instant yeast offers superior fermenting power and great stability over time. This, in turn, provides a guarantee of optimal-quality breads with a high success rate.
  • Innovation: Saf-instant enjoys the benefits of the group’s latest discoveries when it comes to the selection of strains, processes, and packaging.
  • Ease of use:  Directly incorporated into the flour or added at the start of kneading, Saf-instant yeast disperses easily and mixes quickly and evenly with the dough, for optimal fermentation.


Available for household consumption in 11 g sachets and 125 g sachets

Shelf life

2 years from the production date, unless regulation states otherwise