DCL Instant Yeast 500gr

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DCL Instant Yeast

DCL 500gr:


DCL bakers’ dried yeast is a high performance, consistent quality yeast.
DCL Instant Yeast (IDY) is a standard yeast for lean doughs, containing less than 5% added sugar.
DCL Instant Yeast is ready for immediate use. It can be added directly to the flour and lightly dispersed before adding the other ingredients and normal mixing.



Add dry directly to flour. The yeast granules dissolve in liquid, making them active and releasing carbon dioxide which makes the bread dough rise.

Dehydrated vermicelli.

It is simple to use, simply add directly to flour to make delicious breads. Correct level of yeast usage and dough processing temperature is important for best results.
Suitable for all bread types: Gives good results in all bread processes.

Please store in a cold and dry place for maximum performance.


10 kg Carton Box (20 x 500g pack)

Shelf life

2 years from manufacturing date.