L’HIRONDELLE®: the most widely-used fresh yeast brand in the world

Created in 1895, L’hirondelle fresh yeast is, without a doubt, Lesaffre’s most well known brand. Used by generations of bakers, L’hirondelle is the world’s most popular fresh yeast brand, and that is no coincidence! L’hirondelle, the trusted brand name for bakers.

L’hirondelle fresh yeast provides for optimal performance over time. Extremely crumbly, it can be easily added during mixing. Bakers appreciate it for its quality, consistent action regardless of application (in sweet, acidic or normal doughs) and excellent shelf life.

L’hirondelle is suitable for use in all traditional bread making methods: direct processes, long diagrams, and controlled proofing. It guarantees the volume and flavor of all bread products.

Benefits of L’hirondelle fresh yeast

  • Ease of use:L’hirondelle contains 28% to 35% dry matter, which makes it very crumbly and, therefore, easy to add and blend evenly in the mixer.
  • Reliability:L’hirondelle fresh yeast provides excellent baking results in all types of breads. It is particularly effective for raw frozen dough products.

Characteristics of L’hirondelle fresh yeast

  • Compressed fresh yeast
  • Packaging:
    • 500 g blocks in 10 kg boxes
    • L’hirondelle fresh yeast is also available for household consumption in small 25 g and 42 g cubes
  • Shelf life: When stored cold at a temperature between 0°C and 10°C, it can be used up until the best-before date on the packaging