Baker’s Bonus RS 190


Baker’s Bonus RS 190


Lesaffre developed perfect deactivated yeasts that can correct baking flours and control their rheological characteristics. Because flours only rarely display all the qualities necessary to their transformation into bread, corrective elements need to be added. Deactivated yeasts are heat-treated to strip them of their fermenting power and are particularly rich in glutathione (GSH).


As a controlled ingredient, Lesaffre’s deactivated yeast can be incorporated into bread flours, mixes and premixes, and can be used in the formulation of bread improvers. It can be used directly in industrial bread-making and biscuit making lines, with its ability to meet the production requirements of high-speed lines but can also be blended on a smaller scale into flours for craft bakers.


  • This is a product that provides flexibility especially in dough prepared with quality flour having a strong gluten structure.
  • It guarantees standardized quality in your production processes.



25  kg bags



2 years from the production date, unless local regulation states otherwise.