Saf Plus 2in1

Saf-instant® Plus 2in1


Let’s make it happen!


Saf-instant® Plus is a 2-in-1 yeast which combines the efficiency of a high performance instant dry yeast to an appropriate bread improver.


Thus Saf-instant® Plus offers the guaranteed quality and consistency you need into one single product.


Saf-instant Plus® combines the effectiveness of a quality instant yeast with a specific bread improver.


For lean doughs – 0 to 10% sugar by weight of flour.



Improves dough tolerance and shaping

Optimizes texture & volume

Simplifies work for the bake



Saf-instant® packaging has been given a brand new makeover with an even more informative, top design look.

• 500 g sachets



• 2 years from the production date, unless local regulation states otherwise.