Sourdough Starter



Preparing a sourdough in just one step and in less than 24 hours is the challenge met by bread starters! Typically presented in freeze-dried form, sourdough starters are a concentrate of one or more pure strains of lactobacilli and/or yeasts that need to be stored at a negative temperature (-18°C). These living micro-organisms are selected from natural sourdough flora and stabilized using processes that ensure their survival. With knowledge and mastery of the cultured flora, the quality and characteristics of liquid and paste sourdoughs can be replicated.


To prepare a sourdough starter, simply dissolve the dehydrated concentrate of microorganisms in water at 30-35°C and add flour and salt. Once it has been evenly blended, let the dough mature for 18 to 24 hours at 30°C.


The resulting one-step sourdough is then ready to be incorporated into the bread or brioche recipe, in the same proportions as a spontaneous sourdough. This overcomes the delicate and hazardous starting and control phases (= “refreshing”) of a spontaneous sourdough prepared using traditional methods. It gives each new preparation a high degree of consistency and repeatability.