Magimix Frozen Blue is a bread improver
especially designed to ensure tolerance,
volume and color for pre-proofed
and raw frozen croissant.
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Magimix Soft'n Fresh is a bread improver
especially designed to ensure tolerance,
volume and softness.
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Thank You! As Lesaffre, we address a simple but huge “Thank you” to testify that
we will go through, remaining resilient and committed to
support bakers, always together, facing this uncertain situation.
We are stronger together! #FoodHeroes
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Discover a new Sourdough based solution
created by Lesaffre for Gulf market.
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What is yeast? The answer is simple: yeast has a cellular nucleus containing
its DNA in the form of chromosomes.
Yeast is a living organism!
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How does Lesaffre make yeast ? Have you ever wondered how to make yeast?
Our film tells the story of how we produce yeast...
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Providing baking professionals with bread-making solutions.

Lesaffre Gulf FZE, started in 2017, focuses on the Gulf market. We have a wide range of yeast, sourdough, baking ingredients and bread improvers. We are bakers & can help you improve your bread through richer flavor, optimized process & correct ingredients. In order to meet our customers’ expectations, a Baking Center™ based in Dubai, working in close connection with Lesaffre international Baking Center™ network has recently become operational.

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