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With its technical and scientific expertise, enriched by its original approach, Lesaffre deploys a wide range of baking solutions that will meet your needs for the greatest pleasure of your customers.


Lesaffre has unique technical skills that it has thoroughly mastered, and enjoys top-level expertise in the production, fermentation and the transformation of yeast in all its forms. You can read about our range of services below.

Our Solutions

We provide you with solutions adapted to all conditions and production methods. Any place, any time!


Acclaimed for its practicality and easy implementation, fresh yeast is the form most commonly used in bread-making, by craft bakeries. We urge you to take a closer look at our fresh and fresh frozen yeast brands, which are products of this know-how and which have been utilized by bakers with confidence for years as a result of their standard quality.


Dry yeast

Dry yeasts (active or instant) provide many advantages to the user with their long shelf-lives and their ability to be preserved at room temperature. Apart from these advantages, our instant dry yeasts are incorporated into dough directly without previously needing to be dissolved in water and thus, provide practicality in usage.


We are fully aware of the fact that for every specific need, there is a specific and unique solution. In parallel relationship with the developments in the bread and bakery products production technologies, we offer functional improvers to match the specific expectations of our customers.


Consumer dispositions in bread consumption develop towards traditional aroma and flavor. The demand for sourdough breads especially, has been increasing day by day.

& Premixes

dry yeast

The consumer demand for breads with different flavors has been increasing day by day. We invite you to contact us in order to better familiarize yourself with our MIXES & PREMIXES solutions.


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