Technical assistance

Technical support to accompany you in the achievement of your goals


As an after-sales service, Baking Center™ network technicians work on site, in Gulf and abroad, at the most sensitive moments. Because each launch is a challenge, they accompany you at all stages of the development of your project.

Since 1974, the technicians and experts of the Baking Center™ Lesaffre spread over the 5 continents have capitalized on their knowledge of countries, cultures, consumption patterns and the local market to feed your innovative projects. From baker to baker: a technical support catalyst of ideas!

A co-development approach, from project to product


The Lesaffre Baking Center™ technicians and experts capitalize on their knowledge of the cultures, consumer tastes and local markets of every country to provide input for their customers’ innovative projects.


For their part, they seek out operational solutions tailored to consumers’ tastes.


This joint approach to development paves the way for new processes, new ingredient formulations for improved bread-making and new yeasts and sourdoughs.


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