Saf Pizza 125g

saf pizza

Saf Pizza 125g:


Saf-pizza® yeast is the subject of an exclusive manufacturing process benefiting from Lesaffre expertise Saf-pizza® is ready-to-use instant dry yeast that is suitable for pizza-making.It can be used in any type of dough. SAF-PIZZA® yeast, all of the qualities of a dry yeast. Thanks to Saf-Pizza yeast, the dough is easier to stretch and pizza bases are faster to shape. Saf-pizza® eliminates all dough shrinkage and promises high-quality end products.



  • Convenience:  Saf-pizza® yeast can be incorporated directly into the flour, quickly and evenly, for optimal fermentation and excellent smoothness of pizza dough
  • Optimization:  Blocked from rising, Saf-pizza® yeast allows storage of dough in the refrigerator at 4°C for several hours, making working conditions that much more flexible!
  • Consistency:  Saf-pizza® yeast ensures the production of excellent pizzas with consistent quality, thanks to their high level of stability. The final pizza is light, thin and crunchy, and melts in the mouth.



Ready-to-use instant dry yeast


Saf-pizza® yeast is available vacuum-packed in 125/500 g packets

Sheld life

Through the date appearing on the packaging; once opened, 15 days in cold storage at 4°C, with the packet resealed